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The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.



“Education is the place where learning begins but ends nowhere”

The Science Department comprises of following laboratories to supplement classroom teaching in order to provide a first hand learning experience.

  • Physics Lab

  • Chemistry Lab

  • Botany Lab

  • Zoology Lab

Each Lab is well-equipped with the latest materials and apparatus to simplify theories and concepts for upcoming scientists.

The Home Science Department has an ultra modern and well equipped Lab where students are acquainted with hands on knowledge and skills.

  • Food and Nutrition Lab

  • Textile and Clothing Lab

  • Human Development Lab

  • Resource Lab
    The well‐experienced faculties give students training and guidance in the fields of Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textile and Home Management.

The Language laboratory is an audio‐visual installation that helps to develop the following skills among students:
• Personality Development and Soft Skills

(Communication, Problem‐Solving, Teamwork,

Leadership, Time Management etc.)
Students can also improve their command of English Language which builds confidence for participation in workshops, seminars, debates and training programs.

  • The lab is equipped with LCDs and Projector.
  • Spacious and fully Air-Conditioned.
  • Advance Computer Hardware and Software.
  • 24X7 Free Wi-Fi facility for students.

Computer Application Department comprises Programming Labs like

  • Basic Programming Lab (C, C++, OS, .NET, Web Development)

  • Software Engineering Lab

  • Digital Logic Lab

  • Advance Project Lab (Python, JAVA, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Oracle, A.I.)

Education department is enriched with numerous labs including:
Curriculum Lab (Science, Maths, S.St. Language)

  • ICT Resource Center: To develop the knowledge of basic computers like MS Office, Internet, hardware & Software etc.

  • Psychological Lab: Well‐equipped lab with various types of apparatus for conducting experiments & tests like IQ, aptitude test, personality test etc.

  • Art & Craft Resource Centre: To develop an aesthetic sense as well as prepare useful teaching material out of waste material at a low cost.

  • Curriculum Lab (Science, Maths, S.Sr. Language): Well equipped with appropriate teaching apparatus for innovating learning.

The computer centre is well‐equipped with computing resources to cater for the academic needs of the students.

The centre is a complete hub of activities such as Online Gaming, Internet Surfing, Social Media Surfing, Blogging, Online Journals, access to E‐library and Course Material etc. that provides a conducive learning environment.

The trained technical staff is available to help the students.