Our Mission

As an Institution of Higher Learning, we engage our students in the quest of knowledge and truth. We provide individual guidance to students as they strive for academic excellence and develop values that will guide them in meaningful and productive lives. Our dual emphasis on intellectual and personal growth derives from our belief that learning is valuable for its own sake , for the sake of those who learn and for the sake of society as whole life-long learning.

Students equip themselves for the critical thinking and effective communication necessary for success in any discipline.

In addition to the academic priorities outlined above, we at 'Rama Institute' are committed to the development of values.


The basic values we share as a community are a commitment to the life-long search for truth, a belief in dignity of every individual and an affirmation that service to others in a worthy expression of our humanity. Because we believe that intellectual growth and personal growth go hand in hand , we seek to create an environment in which students, faculty and staff can search their full human potential. We seek to overcome prejudice , including that occasioned by gender, race, age , religion , culture ,disability or economic status.

We work together to set an example of tolerance and openness. By encouraging tolerance and appreciation of diversity, we help our students become useful citizens of a multi-cultural world.

Our Vision

By the end of the decade, we will be a widely recognized college in the district that enriches student character and deepens intellectual inquiry to prepare men & women for success in a complex and diverse global community.